Our Story

Sean was a former volunteer at a cannabis collective. He loved the cannabis industry so much that he established and founded his own collective, Mighty Breed Inc. He had a vision. He wanted to create a medical marijuana delivery service that was legal, safe, reliable, personable, professional, easily accessible for patients. His passion for helping those in pain caused him to seek high and low for the highest quality of medicine. Pamela, his wife, was eager to join him in his mission. Together, Mighty Breed was born. Mighty Breed's mission is to provide top of the line medicinal cannabis and excellent delivery service to enhance the lives of our collective members.

Get to know the founders of Mighty Breed!


 Sean (Follow me on Instagram @sean_pierre_)

5 fun facts about me:  
1.  I love watching combat sports.
2.  I am a popcorn and gingerale monster.
3.  I am a proud mango ice cream lover.
4.  I am certified in memory catching (ahem, AKA photographer).
5.  I am a secret sorcerer.


Pamela (Follow me on Instagram @pamela_kay)

5 fun facts about me:
1. I love to run outside and touch flowers as I go.
2.  I am a boba and sweet tea addict.
3.  I can't carry a tune, but I will always sing Disney's Little Mermaid songs.
4.  I think dogs are cuter than babies.
5.  I am Sailor Moon.

Sean and Pamela

Founders of 

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